Thursday, July 2, 2009

You Want to be Debts Free?

You Want to be Debts Free ?

• Not Get Rich Quick Scheme
• Not Pyramid Scheme
• Not Internet Investment
• Not E-Book
• Not Direct Selling/MLM

Want to be Debts Free?

• No Maintenance of Monthly PV
• No Pairing and ReEntry
• No Buying and Selling
• No need to assess to computer
• No cash Transanction
• No Risk
• No upline and downline

You want to be debts free?

• You Contribution is distributed
clearly and transparenly
• Managed by a Registered and a
Lisenced Company

JB Resources system 5258
• People help people'
• Easy
• Straight forward and transparent
• Small Capital-RM 120.00 only
• Once a life time
• Infinite income

• One year old
• Registered with SSM

Every Participant you introduced will contribute Wang Pos RM30 to you
Unlimited participants.

Every participant introduced by the person you introduced will contribute 1 pc Wang Pos to you

You will receive Wang Pos up to 8 Level down

Mailing of Wang Pos is done by JB RESOURCES weekly

Potential Receiving (Up to Level 8)

• if you introduce 2 people and the 2 people
introduced by you find another 2 people.... RM 5,140

if you introduce 3 people and the the 3 people that you introduced find another 3 people and so on... = RM 98,460

If you introduced 5 people and the 5 people that you introduced find another 5 people and so on.. = RM 4,882,900

System 5258- invite 5 person to join this program and helping them to fine 5 person also and complete 8 level, you will enjoy income of RM 4,882,900.

..and you could introduced to as many people as possible and you could receive unlimited contribution= Millions… RM

Condition to participate in Programme JB Resources?
• As a participants, you are to introduced
proudly to as many people as possible.

• Only by Introducing new participants you will
received contribution.

• No sharing with people, No Contribution

• Join Willingly and happily and give happily
and sincerely.

Why Choose Programme JB Resources?
• Easy
– Can Do yourself. 15 minutes to filled the form.
– Distribution of Wang Pos will be done by JB Resources
– Cash Wang Pos at Post Office and Bank in your account

• Transparent
– You write sincerely the name of the recipients on the wang pos .
– Only the name appreared on Wang Pos can cash out.
– Wang Pos is guaranteed by government.

• small investment only RM 120
– No Cash payment to Introducer and Company.
– The Company received RM10 only for administrative cost.

• Infinity /Continous Contributions
– Company will mail wang pos weekly to you
– As long as there is participants, you will continue to receive

• Helping one another
– You contribute to people and people contribute to you

• Post Malaysia and Government will benefit
– Every Wang Pos purchase post Malaysia earns 50 sen.
– Income from sales of Post Express Cover

• Easy to Market
– Program is so easy to market

Who can Participate ?


• Foreigners with valid passport
• Company /business registered with SSM
• Registered societies
• Registered Cooperative Societies
• Registered Charitable Societies


e-mail me to get the form to participate.

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